What We Do

Meeting your goals with an ever-shrinking budget is the challenge facing most colleges and universities. In order to maximize your resources we provide key insight and advisory skills, while meeting your project management and implementation needs. The work we do provides improved organizational effectiveness, employee engagement, and student retention and success.

What Sets Fox&Weaver Consulting Apart

It is our approach of assessing your unique institution, understanding your needs and capabilities, and working with you to design the best solution for you. We do not attempt to shoehorn you into a pre-designed approach or solution that best fits our needs. We work to minimize the cost and the time required to implement these solutions on a timeline that also fits into your academic calendar.

About Us

Our company employs resources having multiple decades of experience working for and with higher education institutions of every size and description, both domestic and foreign. With this unique enterprise-wide insight into policy, procedure, and technology, we apply a collegial approach to everything we do. Working with your stakeholders and communicating your strategic vision and goals, we are better able to accomplish great things for your college or university.


214 Vassar Circle

Wayne, PA 19087